September 1st, 2020
Digital Overhaul

01. The Challenge & Solution

G razeful is a mission to bring people together around a thoughtfully curated menu of fine charcuterie and cheeses while making lasting memories with your loved ones. You most definitely will discover endless “perfect bites”, while sharing ideas on what to pair next. That in itself is the beauty of grazing! I personally strive and take pride in purchasing only the finest quality ingredients and work with wholesale vendors to be able to bring top quality to each graze. I source produce as local as possible and love the hunt of finding new items to add to grazes! Each board is created unique and no two are ever alike. I like to call these grazes; edible art, as we eat with our eyes before our mouths!  Every step of curating your cheeseboard is purposely thought out and handcrafted from the heart.
While their boards were AMAZING, they needed a website in order to sell their boards to their customers. Complete with variations, options selections, sizes, and delivery. They also wanted gift cards. We were able to take them from only an IG & Facebook page, to having the ability to sell all their products online. 

02. Working Process

Creating the website Grazeful was the first step in creating a hub for people to purchase their products.