Kings NY Pizza – Martinsburg, WV

Mobile Applications are almost essential for the restaurant industry in our world of advancing technology. With over 90% of Americans owning a mobile phone, a restaurant can reach consumers faster and more efficiently. A restaurant could quite literally be at a consumer’s fingertips. From primary planning to application upkeep, SC Studios can make any business’s mobile application goals come to life.

SC Studios has a longstanding, collaborative with Kings NY Pizza. So, when Kings decided they wanted to take their delicious pizza to the mobile sphere, SC Studios was proud to create an effective and appealing application.

“They’re really good customers of ours’, we love that we work with them closely on everything they do,” says Moises Cardenas, Owner of SC Studios.

For Kings, the application has saved them thousands, as they were spending large amounts on mailer coupons. Their new application allows them to provide in-app coupons, and even set custom behavioral mechanisms.  Cardenas shares,

“We can set parameters so a customer can use a coupon one time only and then it’s grayed out and they can’t ever use it again or we could say that they could use it daily or weekly.”

The application even offers in-app only coupons for loyal customers. Customers can also set preferences and see specials and new menu items instantaneously, improving the overall customer experience.

“One of the things that makes us unique with our apps is the updates that we make will show up in real time, so if I add a new coupon in the app, it’ll be on people’s phones within 5 minutes.”

SC Studios prides itself on working collaboratively with its customers. One of Cardenas’ favorite application features that he proposed during the initial planning phase is the geotargeting option that allows push notifications directly to a customer when they are near Kings.  

“A lot of times when we sit down, we give them (our customers) something they didn’t think about, that we know would be beneficial, like geotargeting,” Cardenas enthuses.

Whether a business wants to save money, increase customer engagement, improve customer retention and loyalty, enhance their customers’ experiences, or all of the above-SC Studios is dedicated to ensuring your vision is fulfilled.

From the planning phase to the application maintenance, SC Studios is focused on keeping your goals at the forefront of our efforts!

To learn more about the mobile application building process, email Moises Cardenas-Moises@SCMarketingWV.com

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