Make a Splash

Social Media

We do social media marketing a little differently. While other companies focus on spamming and overposting on social media, we focus on quality. In fact, all of our social media clients are required to run locally targeted Facebook Ads & Boosted Posts, as well as video in all of their social media content strategies.

Why Video?

Video is proven to be one of the most effective methods to capture the attention of your potential clients on social media. Video is versatile and can be used in various methods, we require all of our social media clients to include video in their social media strategy. The best part, we provide videography services in house. 

Facebook Ads?

Boosting a Facebook post is a great way to get engagement on a post. But that’s only a half of the puzzle. We run locally targeted Facebook Ads through the ads manager, meaning more objectives, forms, and stronger targeting options. We also run remarketing campaigns for all of our clients.