February 25th, 2020
Digital Overhaul
Nine Realms Fitness

01. The Challenge & Solution

N Nine Realms Fitness is a local gym located in Martinsburg, WV. While seeing moderate success of their various fighter programs & workouts, their digital presence was lacking. A complete overhaul was necessary in order to really take their physical memberships and program branding to the next level. The owner Josh Thompson also wanted to branch out into a full online program, so that he could share his fitness knowledge to more than just his local area. 

02. Working Process

Creating the website for Nine Realms Fitness was the first step, they needed a central place to direct all traffic. 

After the website was launched, extreme video marketing campaigns were launched in combination with targeted facebook ads in the local area for more local SEO & brand awareness. Nine Realms is seeing the results from the active marketing and website and has reached their best month profit wise, as well as content wise. They have also been able to expand and launch new programs!