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Eastern Panhandle Wedding Group

Why Eastern Panhandle Weddings?

Did you know, for vendors in the Eastern Panhandle to be listed on Wedding Wire or the Knot, we either have to pay or get pushed down the search on their websites? To make it even worse, we are lumped in with the D.C. region, meaning you are searching 100+ miles for your vendor. Your wedding day is important, and not being able to easily find the best vendors for your day is a problem.

We’ve created this app for people located directly in the eastern panhandle and surrounding areas (Winchester, Hagerstown, etc.) That means you’re finding local vendors, and we don’t have to compete with Washington D.C. & so on. All of the vendors on here only pay a one time $150 fee, & that fee can be waived if they offer a free service to a nonprofit. Our community is important to us, and it’s important to make sure we give back.  


Running an app is costly and takes time, but we hate having to make people pay large fees. For our app, it’s a ONE TIME cost of $150. That cost can be removed if you donate $100 to one of our nonprofit partners or provide them a service of equal value. We love our community and want to see all of our fellow wedding professionals invest in it.

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