Signs of Ineffective Remote Communication Within Your Teams

Working remotely can cause ineffective communication within your teams. Ineffective communication usually leads to low productivity, missed deadlines, and unachieved tasks. If your team has any of these signs you might want to reconsider your remote communication strategy. 

A big challenge associated with remote teams is inefficient communication and lack of social connection. To stay unified as a team, you must be able to communicate purposefully. If your team has any of these signs, its time to reevaluate your remote communication strategy.  

Meetings After Meetings 

It’s easier to have back-to-back meetings when employees are working remotely because there is not a physically destination attendees need to go to. Your team can sit on the same video conference all day. However, back-to-back meetings often indicate that your team has poor communication. If meetings can be sent via email, then there is no reason to take time out of your teams’ workday. Before scheduling any meeting, make sure it’s worth your employees time. Additionally, make sure those who are not required to attend the meeting know its optional. If it’s possible make meetings as short as possible to not waste any time. Overall, just remember to keep remote meetings as intentional as possible. 

You Are Not Aware of Digital Body Language 

When your team is working remotely, it’s not as easy to keep track of who is paying attention and who is distracted. It important to be aware of digital body language. Everyone within the team should maintain eye contact, speak clearly, and have your video on during all meetings (if possible). 

Not All Team Members Contribute During Remote Meetings

If the same team members are speaking up or not speaking up, this is a major sign of poor team communication. This can mean some members don’t feel comfortable speaking up during meetings or they are more introverted than others. A good way to overcome this is to ask question or giving everyone a chance to pitch in. 

No Collaboration 

If you have realized your team is not collaborating while they are remote, this may mean that your team members are not comfortable reaching out to each other or they don’t have the tools they need to communicate. If you think this is happening to your team, try adding in some collaboration tools that will help your team collaborating. A few top collaboration tools are:





-Facebook Workplace 

Your Team Is Not Communicating Throughout the Day

While working remotely it is incredible easy to not talk to your teams for an extended period of time. This usually means your team is not communicating well. However, if you think about it the more your team talks, the more trust you’ll have and the more collaboration you will have. This is why its extremely important to make sure everyone in your team feels comfortable communicating. 

Complicated Emails 

If your emails are complicated, consider scheduling a video conference meeting with your teams. Emails should be short and to the point. In order for your team to communicate effectively, know what channels to use and what to use each channel for. 

No Meeting Agendas

A huge way teams communicate ineffectively is by having meetings with no structure. Having an agenda will keep meetings organized and productive. It’s a great idea to send the agenda before the meetings even start so other team members know what will be happening. This isn’t necessary for regularly scheduled meetings. 

No Team Appreciation 

If you want effective communication forming connections is imperative. How do you do this, especially remote? Express gratitude to your team and teammates. A simple good job or congratulations or Happy Birthday can go a long way. This creates a safe space within your team. 

Managers Are Redoing Work 

If you are a manager and you find yourself redoing your teams work, you are not communicating how you should be. If assignments are sent back with errors, usually this means as a manager you did not set clear expectations. Additionally, if managers are redoing a teammates work that most likely indicate that they don’t feel comfortable sending edits or communicating about issues. To improve the process, communication is key. 

High Turnover Rate

High turnover is a big sign that your team has poor communication. If this is currently the case in your team, its important to talk with your ream to figure out what isn’t working so it can be addresses immediately.

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