Yes, I am talking about those things that were supposed to be the next big great thing in marketing but never really took off. Why were QR codes never successful in the first place? Complicated applications needed when phone technology wasn’t up to standards is the biggest reason they never really took off. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why QR codes are back.

Phone Technology

That’s right, you don’t even need any complication applications anymore. QR codes can be read and scanned easily by bringing out the camera on your latest iPhone or android device, and just holding it over. There are also a ton of new ways to engage with QR codes.

Dynamic QR

Qr codes can now be dynamic, meaning you can change them at any time. With certain programs, you can use QR codes to send texts, add contacts, etc. This really allows QR codes to have more objectives as opposed to just sending someone to a URL.


Remarketing allows you to track cookies and market back to visitors of your website on various platforms such as Facebook and Google. By sending visitors to your website with a QR code, you are actively capturing their cookies so that you remarket back to them on various platforms.

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